Authentic Amish Furniture

Welcome to Amish Furniture Place, where exquisite hand-made Amish furniture is crafted by the finest Amish Artisans from across the country. Amish furniture is considered some of the finest hand-crafted additions to any home. These creations are often considered fine works of art that provide elegance, style, design, and function. At Amish Furniture Place, we have been delivering heirloom quality furniture to homes throughout the USA since 2006. We offer a LIFETIME warranty and guarantee your satisfaction.


  • Fulton Collection

Solid Wood Furniture – Choice of The Heart

Most people strive for durable relationships with all the things they love in their life. Because beautiful feelings should last forever. Our solid wood furniture is designed with the same thought in mind- to last forever and be loved. We are not here to persuade you into buying it but to show you the [...]

  • Reno Setting

Amish furniture-an incontestable choice

Even though we are born as unique, living in a copy-paste world makes us more uniform, more "mass-produced" than ever. Luckily, this rule doesn't apply to our living space, unless it is crammed with commercial furniture. So, by embracing unique hand and soul made Amish furniture, you are welcoming a brand new style of [...]