While traveling through on business, in Northern Indiana, I passed by no less than four horse drawn carriages, in which Amish men, women and children were riding. It’s a startling contrast to the hustle and bustle I found myself in that day. When one wagon loaded with a large dresser turned into a “classic” farmhouse, complete with picket fence, I decided on a whim to drop in. Thankfully for me, I found a gentleman, Elias, who just happened to make his living from building the most beautiful and solidly made furniture I had ever come across. After discussing how he sold his goods, I recognized that he and his family could handle a lot more… and desired more work. I told him that he didn’t need a salesman, he needed a website (which as I learned, he could not create because of his faith), but there was nothing stopping us from working with him to craft our own. And so we did, in 2006, begin humbly in our own right, to offer customers across the country the quality and craftsmanship that only the Amish can create.

In my book, it was a marriage destined to happen.

Welcome to Amish Furniture Place country, where exquisite handmade Amish furniture is crafted of the finest hardwoods.  Carefully chosen timbers from several different hardwood trees which comprise the very foundation of our work, fashioned in styles true to the Amish people’s way of life.  Whether you’re looking for a dining table, bedroom furniture, or a blanket chest, know that all our Amish furniture is hand made to order on that same Amish farm by selected Amish master craftsmen and then delivered directly to your door. We offer Lifetime warranty and guarantee your satisfaction. At Amish Furniture Place, we take pride in creating relationships between our customers and the Amish master craftsmen.


The Amish Furniture Place Team and the Craftsmen