Even though we are born as unique, living in a copy-paste world makes us more uniform, more “mass-produced” than ever. Luckily, this rule doesn’t apply to our living space, unless it is crammed with commercial furniture. So, by embracing unique hand and soul made Amish furniture, you are welcoming a brand new style of life which will profoundly change our life quality. How you will ask. Well, nature, we are the part of, has all the answers. So, let’s begin.

5 Unbeatable Answers To “Why Should You Enjoy Amish Furniture”

  1. We champion our handcrafted artistry with high-end products

As a unique personality runs counter to copy paste individuals so Amish unique handmade furniture stands out from commercial assembly-line products. It is primarily distinguished by the handmade design. Our Amish artisans treat each hardwood piece with intensive labor being punctilious in providing beautiful detailing: dovetails, mortise, and tenons. Furthermore, a secret of their craft lies in following the rules of nature by designing the hardwood Amish furniture in a way it perfectly accommodates natural changes as the furniture expands and contracts. The power of reciprocity is indisputable-boundless time and energy that Amish artisans devote to Amish furniture production, make it a hundred times more lasting and endurable. So, once the Amish furniture is made it is made to last forever and it will be your most remunerative purchase ever.

Reno Setting

Reno Trestle Table with Reno Dining Chairs

  1. Amish furniture brings nature into your home

Living at the speed of light makes us apart from, not a part of nature. Unique handmade Amish furniture, born in nature, allows you to live in real, not imitating nature. To this aim, the mainspring of Amish hardwood furniture manufacturing is to stay Green as it has always been. Thus, all the materials we use are 100% natural and cultivated in sustainable forests which are carefully managed to provide safe and healthy living environment. Also, all materials are formaldehyde-free, and all stains, paints, and finishes are low VOC.

  1. Best Quality Finishes

More than 10 million tons of furniture is discarded in the US each year. It speaks volumes about its commercial quality. Not designed to be passed down to landfill but through generations, Amish furniture sturdy construction is additionally upheld by best finishing techniques. They provide strong protection to withstand a lot of everyday wear and tear. Our solid wood furniture finishes are a premium grade, gentle and non-toxic, primarily the Catalyzed Conversion Varnish. Even though it is more expensive than lacquer its effects are priceless and long-standing. After the finishing treatment, your Amish furniture will be resistant to humidity, low heat, and a variety of household cleaning products.

  1. Amish made furniture-tailored to you

Each piece of Amish furniture is hand-to-home designed as to embrace your creative vision. Thus, you have input in the manufacturing process apropos choosing wood materials, size, supplementary features, edge profile, finish and much more. Each hardwood model displays its own rich color and unexampled patterns and shapes and your finalized ideas will make it even more unique. To inspire your ideas feel free to search our truly matchless selection of Amish handmade furniture for your home.

  1. Amish low-maintenance furniture

When cared for properly, perfectly manufactured Amish furniture is enhanced year after year. With regular, semi-daily dusting and every six months polish, your wood furniture surfaces will stay looking brand new. Avoid using harsh chemicals cleaners such as ammoniabased products or silicone oils. Dusting the finishes with a soft cloth dampened with warm soapy water and non-wax polish is the best cleaning method. Since wood is a natural element it is more sensitive to other natural elements. To this end, keep it away from direct sources of heat, cool and humid.