Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. Our Sales staff is available during normal business hours to answer any other questions you may have.  Call us at 1-877-292-6474 or 1-877-BYAMISH

Is your furniture really built by the Amish?

Yes, every piece of furniture is really handmade by our Amish Artisans in the US.  We work directly with each Amish builder and have developed strong and equitable relationships. Each of our Amish builders is personally hand selected by us, along with our finisher.  They are specialists in what they do, a chair builder just builds chairs, a table builder just builds tables.  They focus on one thing and do it to the best of their abilities. They take great pride in their work and the beautiful furniture they produce.

Is this really solid wood?

Yes, our furniture is made of solid hardwoods. Offering many woods such as; Oak, Quarter Sawn White Oak, Brown Maple, Hard Maple, Hickory, Walnut, Elm, Cherry, and many Rustic Woods. Absolutely, NO laminates, or particle board!

Amish Furniture Place is furniture for life! Furniture should not be disposable; furniture pieces are investments that should reward you with long-term dividends.

Our Amish made furniture pieces are crafted using mortise and tenon joints, dovetailed drawers, and the utmost attention to details.

Every piece of real wood furniture from Amish Furniture Place is finished with one coat of stain and two coats of Catalyzed Conversion Varnish for a very durable protective finish.

Amish Furniture Place is not responsible for variations in wood color, stain color, cherry pits, knots, knot holes, mineral deposits, sap wood, and wood grain. Wood is a natural product created by the environment, the natural characteristics will not allow for a perfectly uniform product and pieces may have color variations.

What kind of finish/stain do you use?

Our furniture is finished with one coat of stain and two coats of a post-catalyst conversion varnish used on high end furniture, which resists moisture. This is the most durable finish available for use on fine hardwoods.

Do you have a catalog you can send me?

Unfortunately no, we have several hundred designs and styles.  The best way to see what we have to offer is to browse our website. Our website does not portray all of our designs, so if you see something somewhere else, please email us a photo, and we can help you find something similar or create it for you.

  1. Pick your design, either from our website or a photo and/or sketch you have.
  2. Pick your wood type
  3. Pick your dimension, or stick with the standard dimensions
  4. Pick your finish or stain
  5. Pick other options: hardware, table edging, table shape, # of leaves, etc.

Lastly, we finalize your order and send it to our Amish builder who begins construction. We are here to help you with every step to ensure you order the exact piece of furniture you have been dreaming about.

Can I use my own hardware?

Yes, you are welcome to provide your own hardware.  We just ask that you bring it in to us several weeks before estimated delivery, so we can have our Amish builder install it. This does not change the price.

Can I email a photo or sketch and have it built?

Yes, remember that all of our furniture is custom made for you. Chances are we can make it (or very close) and it will be of much higher quality.

How long is my quote good for?

Your quote is good for 30 days.  Due to changes in raw materials, production, and freight, manufactures are constantly adjusting their price lists. Because of our low profit margins, we must adjust our prices accordingly.  If you want to lock in the price we quoted, we suggest placing your order as soon as possible.

How long does it take for my furniture to be built?

Each piece of furniture is made to order.  We will give you an estimate of completion, however, we do not guarantee furniture delivery dates.  We will do everything to get your order to you in a timely manner.  Please remember that our furniture is a treasured heirloom.  We think you’ll agree our furniture is worth the wait!

For local orders the time frame is typically 8-12 weeks.

For non-local customers it typically takes 14-16 weeks.

Order status may be checked by emailing us at, or by phone at 1-877-292-6474 or 1-877-BYAMISH.

What will my finished piece look like?

The furniture you receive may be different in appearance from the items on the showroom floor.  Every piece of wood is different in its grain pattern, ability to accept the chosen stain, and its individual characteristics.  These are the special characteristics of natural wood furniture.  The wood used in the furniture may contain knots, pits, pin holes, differences in color or grain pattern, etc.  These are not defects in the material, but part of the natural beauty of real wood.  Also, because each piece of wood accepts stain differently, the colors on your furniture will not be exactly the same as items on the showroom floor.  All furniture is handcrafted, and so your furniture will be unique.  No two pieces are identical.

What if I don’t like my finished piece?

Except in the case of a mistake or defect, we cannot be held responsible or liable for any customer dissatisfaction for their choice of stain, hardware, size, style, options, etc., on their furniture.  All pieces are built to order, so please be sure you are comfortable with your choices.

We accept payment via PayPal.

We require a deposit of 50% to start the order. The remaining 50% is due prior to delivery or pick-up.

From time of the original order you have 72 hours to cancel (with a full refund) or make changes to your order.  We will try to make changes after 72 hours; however, we cannot guarantee the changes will be implemented.

Many people believe that real wood furniture is indestructible.  This is far from the truth.  All it takes is common sense.

While your beautiful furniture from Amish Furniture Place might look right at home in a museum, it is crafted for everyday home wear and tear. That’s why, along with using the finest woods, our craftsmen make sure the finish will stand up to real life. Fortunately, just a little easy maintenance will keep your hardwood furniture looking good for years to come.


A damp cloth is really all you need to keep your hardwood furniture looking great. Dry dusting or wiping can harm the finish by scratching small dirt particles into the surface. For occasional cleaning and polishing, we recommend Woodwright Heirloom Essentials, which contains no wax or silicone, which means it will not build-up or leave a film. Woodwright Heirloom Essentials are available for purchase in our showroom.


It is best to limit your new hardwood furniture’s exposure to sunlight, as it can discolor the color of the finish. Your furniture can also be damaged by being placed too near a heat vent or register. Be sure to place your furniture in an area where there is adequate air circulation.


If the humidity in your home is too low, it can cause your hardwood furniture to dry out. In contrast, high levels of humidity may result in swelling and warping. By keeping the relative humidity in your home to around 40-45%, you’ll have the ideal environment for preserving your furniture.

What type of Guarantee do you offer for your furniture?

If your furniture fails during normal household use in the lifetime of the original owner due to problems in either the workmanship or material, we’ll repair or replace it for free, with the following exceptions:

Lights, as well as all finishes, fabrics and leather are warrantied for one year; the moving parts in our desk chairs and recliners are warrantied for three years.

Normal wear, alteration, or misuse is excluded from this warranty.

Keep in mind that natural variation of color, aging, character, and stain are to be expected with any natural product and have no effect on the structural integrity or durability of your furniture. Additionally, this warranty does not apply to issues regarding failure to maintain 35%-45% humidity in the home or office or exposure to direct heat sources.

While we fully appreciate the beauty of unfinished furniture, we are unable to extend our warranty to any furniture that’s not protected by our exceptional finish.

*Please note: Any shipping costs related to the warranty, to and from our showroom, are the responsibility of the customer.

Can you repair furniture?

We do not offer repair of furniture, unless it was purchased from us.

Can you get me parts for an old piece of furniture?

If you purchased the furniture from us, we will be happy to order replacement parts. Unless covered by warranty, the customer will be responsible for parts and shipping.  We cannot provide parts for antiques or furniture purchased elsewhere.

Do you refinish furniture?

The only service we currently offer is table top refinishing.  This service typically starts at $350/per table. The customer is responsible for drop off and pick up of table tops and leaves. This service must be paid in full prior to being refinished.  We will try and color match to the best of our ability, but please be aware that there could be a slight variation in color due to the age of the table top.