Most people strive for durable relationships with all the things they love in their life. Because beautiful feelings should last forever. Our solid wood furniture is designed with the same thought in mind- to last forever and be loved. We are not here to persuade you into buying it but to show you the endless advantages of having it in your home. After reading the very last sentence of this solid wood furniture story you will see you’ve already made your choice.


1. Designed for durability

How long would you like your solid wood furniture to last? If your answer is for a lifetime then Amish handmade solid wood furniture is your most logical choice. Durability is the first and perhaps most important predictor of solid wood furniture. It will serve you, as well as your heirs. The higher initial investment will thus pay of hundredfold in the long run.

Apart from being robust, solid wood furniture is made of resilient material. It is unlikely to crack or split after weeks and is tolerant to numerous refinishing. It is handmade and thus involves human, not machine factor. It further contributes to its durability.

Therefore, you will certainly get good value and life out of these marvelous furniture pieces. Due to its durability, solid wood furniture becomes a part of your home’s history. Proud and cheerful heirs will create their memories at their grand-grandparents’ desk. Can you imagine that miracle? We can. Because we create it.

2. Designed for easy maintenance

Solid wood furniture is very easy to clean and maintain. You will not even think of hiring a cleaning lady. Once in your possession, you will jealously guard it and take care of it. No one else. Just you and your family members. Since it is 100% natural solid wood furniture all you have to do is to keep it away from direct sources of heat, cool and humid. It really requires minimal maintenance.

With regular, semi-daily dusting and every six months polish, your solid wood furniture surfaces will stay looking brand new. Dusting the finishes with a soft cloth dampened with warm soapy water and non-wax polish is the best cleaning method and easy to perform.

3. Designed to be revolutionized

In case you own a solid wood furniture piece that used to look beautiful but now it’s a little dented and worn don’t EVER get rid of it! Why? Because you can restore and rejuvenate it by simple refinishing. In most cases you will only need two household items – vinegar or oil solution and a dry cloth. After rubbing the solution let it sit for about ten minutes. Take a dry cloth and wipe the excess moisture away.

Magically, 90% of dented finish will look as new. But if you ever get bored with its look you can always turn it into a brand new piece of furniture. Its structure and durability allow for endless sanding, painting, and staining. Thus you can alternate your bookcase into chairs and vice versa.

4. Designed to be plagiarism free

Being unique is better than being perfect but we cherish both features. Even though there may be some natural structural resemblances no two solid wood furniture pieces are exactly alike.

Why? Since no two trees in the wood are alike, no two artisans’ hands are the same their end products cannot be twins. They rather bear fingerprints uniqueness. Hence you will be the only person on earth which possess that original grain pattern.

5. Designed to be bought only ONCE in your lifetime

Higher initial price of solid wood furniture is something you pay ONCE in your lifetime. Statistics show that people replace their veneer furniture every 5 years.

Worldwide, the average life expectancy is 71.5 years. Suppose you start buying furniture in your late twenties. In the next 40-50 years, you will replace your furniture at least 8 times.