//The Amish World

The Amish World

The artisan-based community

When people marvel at Amish made furniture they cannot but ask themselves who are the inspiring artisans behind that marvelous craft. Twinned questions arise and the answer is unique, as well as these artisans. The simplicity, elegance, and impeccability of Amish work actually root in the bedrocks of their unique lifestyles: simplicity, equality, and humility.                     

” Be in the world, but not of it”
The Amish lifestyles

This Amish commandment has retained aforesaid lifestyle for 300 years. The Amish liberate them from the modern world of mass consumption. Thus, they live out their Christian beliefs without modern conveniences since the indicated can endanger and deteriorate their peaceful family, community and church life. How? Spiritually speaking, the Amish believe that outside influences such as TV sets, radios, personal computers, public grid electricity or cars lead to worldly temptations and community breakdown. Consequently, temptations precipitate relaxed rules and thus, opposed to Amish faith, a life of disobedience to God and the church. As a result, such “weak link” loosens the bond that unites Amish community which mirrors togetherness, harmony, and unity.

Technology as a value-laden tool

Consistent with their faith, the Amish are very thoughtful in approaching technology. They use it in a way to serve, not to weaken their community. Instead of being slaves to technology they are its masters in a way of their phenomenal assessment of what is good and what is harmful. To this aim, with rare exceptions, car and farm tractors are not allowed, since they can bring inequality, vanity and even breakdown of their community. Instead, the Amish focus on farming and crafts using horse and buggy transportation. Examples of rare precedents made by Amish priests are fax machines for business communication so they can maintain their relationships with the shops they collaborate with.

Amish buggy


There are various groups of the Amish. One of them is Mennonites. Unlike the Old World Amish that we work with the Mennonites are more corporate world-oriented. Just like the Amish they believe in simple living but are not completely separated from the world. Thus they do enjoy the modern conveniences such as cars, taking photos and using electricity in their homes. What still differs them from modern society, as well as the Amish, is their devotion to peace. Any kind of confrontational behavior is strictly prohibited.

Amish work and school life

Even while Amish men work in factories to meet life-sustaining needs, their core preoccupation remains intense rural farm, family and church life.

Like everything else in their simple life education is also family and community oriented. Therefore the Amish manage schoolhouses run by family members within their own community. Amish education seeks to create the values of hard work and ethical living. Upon finishing the eighth grade it is through woodworking apprenticeship that children obtain skills to become carpenters. Amish children also adopt farming skills as to be prepared for factory or farm life.

Amish made furniture

Manchester Bedroom Collection

The adorable Amish

Although the Amish are often misunderstood nothing is to be condemned because it is different. One should take the best from their life philosophy and appreciate their sameness and endurance for such a long time. After walking a mile in their shoes nothing will remain the same for an open- minded person. And do not forget – the Amish never pass judgment on outsiders.

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